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ORIGINAL .50 CALIBER TOMPION – VERY RARE:  Standard issue, however considerably rarer than the standard .58 and .69 caliber versions, this .50 Caliber Tompion was issued during the Civil War and through the early Indian War years with the appropriate carbines and rifles, including all of the 1868-1872 long arms chambered for the .50/70 issued on the frontier and included in the various trials.   

Measuring 2 ¾” long, this tompion is in like new condition with no wear or damage.    

Albert Barnitz mentions what would have been these particular tompions in his memoir’s Life in Custer's Cavalry: Diaries and Letters of Albert and Jennie Barnitz, 1867-1868, relating that the 7th paused just before attacking Black Kettle’s Village on the Washita to remove the tompions from their carbines, providing an excellent historical reference for this appendage.  

While every soldier was issued a tompion to prevent debris and moisture from getting into the barrel of his rifle or carbine, these original .50 caliber tompions are truly rare and are difficult to find.  (0215)  $250



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