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SCARCE INDIAN WARS US ARMY BARRACKS PISTOL CLEANING ROD – ISSUED FOR THE REVOLVERS BEGINNING ca. 1871 – .44 CALIBER COLT, SMITH & WESSON, .50 CALIBER REMINGTON AND THROUGH THE .45 CALIBER MODEL 1873 COLT AND 1875 SMITH & WESSON SCHOFIELD:  This is one of a small quantity of these rods that were purchased by Hayes Otoupalik from a cache of cleaning rods found at Bannerman’s in the late 1950’s early 1960’s.  These pistol rods – again a small quantity of both .45 and .38 caliber size – were found with the more familiar .45 Carbine and Rifle ball-topped Barracks Rods that were issued with the Trapdoor arms.   

This particular rod will fit either a .44 caliber with a thin patch, or more readily a .45 caliber bore.  While it is possible these rods were introduced with the .44 Colts Richards Conversion pistols purchased by the army, and would have worked equally well in the Smith and Wesson American and Remington Single Shot Model 1871 pistols, I think it more likely they were intended for the Model 1873 .45 caliber Colt Single Action Revolvers and Smith and Wesson Schofields.   

It measures 10 1/8” long, has the jag-style head on one end and two sets of concentric rings or grooves in the upper end for gripping the rod.  It appears to be manufactured of walnut and is very nicely made with well executed detail work.  It is certainly of the quality of work produced by the National Armory and the Ordnance arsenals, and from all appearances it is a rod manufactured by and for the army.  The rod shows no use or damage and it has survived in excellent, like new condition.   

The original limited quantity of these .45 caliber rods have disappeared into private collections and are no longer readily available.  This is an interesting appendage to add to your Indian War pistol or Colt Single Action display.  (0402)  $150



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