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WORLD WAR TWO US ARMY AIR CORPS EMERGENCY FISHING KIT FOR DOWNED FLYERS:  Just when you thought your collection was complete, a unique  item like this World War Two Emergency Fishing Kit surfaces and kindles your imagination of a downed flyer in the south seas struggling to survive in a rubber raft and using this kit to feed himself.  Issued to the US Army Air Corps flight crews and possibly to the US Navy and Marine Corps flyers as well, this Emergency Fishing Kit was manufactured by the Horrocks Abbotson Company in July of 1942 or 1943 (the last digit is somewhat indistinct).  The light weight canvas case, in excellent condition complete with all the ties and with no damage or tears, doubles as a tool roll for the kit as it was stored in the aircraft and once unrolled is equipped with long cloth ties so it can be worn as an apron while fishing to hold the components handy.  The kit includes a 6 long harpoon head, a large feather and rubber lure, three hooks on wire leaders and swivels, a red painted wood float, a mackerel jig on a hand line on a wooden spool, an additional hand line on a wooden spool and most importantly, the original detailed, 8 page instruction booklet printed on water resistant waxed paper.  According to the instructions, there was also a small knife, a whetstone, a container of pork rind bait, a grapple hook, and a dip net. These items would be relatively easy to gather together from fishing equipment collectors to complete this set, but having the basic apron, instructions and the equipment that is present is an amazing find in itself.  Items like this seldom survived the post WWII civilian surplus market as people bought items like this to use, not to collect and preserve.  I doubt these sets are common and would imagine they are relatively rare.  A great set to add to your WWII Aviation collection.  $150


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