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US ARMY TOOL ROLL FOR CHISELS FOR CARPENTERS AND WHEELWRIGHTS – COMPLETE WITH CHISELS:  A great tool set from the days when the US Army still required wheelwrights to maintain the wheels on the wagons and artillery caissons and gun carriages.  While these early tool rolls show up in some quantity, it is almost unheard of to find one complete with the tools it was intended to hold. 

This US Army issue Tool Roll for Chisels for Carpenters and Wheelwrights is so stenciled on the outside of the roll.  Stenciled on the inside of the canvas is the list of contents, as shown in the photo below, listing the four chisels that made up this set.  Remarkably, the four chisels and two of the arsenal made leather sheaths are still in this roll.  The leather sheaths are larger versions of the smaller leather sheaths made by the arsenal for the mess utensils, made from the same rough out leather, and the same style of stitching. 

Three of the chisels are the socket framing wood cutting chisels of the proper size called for by the inventory list on the roll, the fourth, which according to the list should be a cold metal cutting chisel has been replaced by another wood chisel, this likely done during the period of use, as all of the chisels are of the same style and period. 

The tool roll is in excellent condition with no signs of wear or damage and is maker stamped, “Five Filer Bros.” and dated with what appears to be 1919.  The chisels and sheaths show mild use, are still full form with no evidence of damage or abuse, and with no chips out of the blades or cracks or splits in the handles. 

A great early tool set from a period when the US Army still relied on the soldier carpenters and wheelwrights to maintain their horse drawn rolling stock.   (0241)  $195


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