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US ARMY LEATHER STITCHING PALM:  One of many of the day to day tools issued to the company level saddlers and used in the arsenal leather workshops at Rock Island and Watervliet, the identity of these stitching palms would likely have been lost were it not for them surviving in context as this one did in the Bannerman inventory.  A handy little tool or appendage, the stitching palm fit over the saddler’s hand, with his thumb through the hole above the attached brass thimble.  As he ran his line of stitching, once the needle was anchored in the leather the saddler would put the thimble against the base of the needle and then he could use the strength of his extended arm to push the needle through.   

In excellent condition, this palm shows little if any use.  The leather is live and still retains a smooth shiny surface with no crazing or flaking, and only minor flexing at the top bend in the leather.  The brass thimble is still intact and in full form, as it the additional layer of protective leather below the thimble.  All of the stitching is intact.  On the reverse is stamped an inspector’s or piece worker’s initial. 

This is an interesting little tool that is seldom seen, and one that would display well with an Ordnance equipment, saddle or accoutrement display. (C138)  $125 


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