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1876 HARPERS WEEKLY THOMAS NAST CARTOON – CUSTER-SIOUX WAR-LITTLE BIG HORN CONTENT – WONDERFUL PERIOD POLITICAL SATIRE:  This is an original page from the August 5, 1876 edition of the famous periodical, HARPER’S WEEKLY which is a full 16” x 11” political cartoon by the famous period satirist Thomas Nash depicting the plight of the Indian War frontier soldier.   

The subject matter specifically targets the U.S. Congress for not properly funding the US Army and how that lack of funding negatively affected the ability of the Army to deal with the Indians.  The Indians are depicted picking over skeletons of the soldiers as they read a sign post advertising the Army’s financial plight.  Keep in mind this issue was published a month to the day after news of the disaster at the Little Big Horn was made public on July 4, 1876, and the impact on the consciousness of the public was purely intentional.     

These Nast political cartoons are collector’s items in their own right, but they also add a human interest touch to your collection of Indian War artifacts and put them in the context of the times and events.  

The reverse carries the new of the day, including editorials addressing the “Indian Problem”,  the appointment of Rutherford B. Hayes’ running mate in the upcoming presidential election and the Ku Klux Klan.   

The page is in very good condition with only minor nips along the edge and would be very attractive framed with your collection.   $50



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