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These are original printings of US Army Ordnance Department General Orders and Circulars that were at one time bound in volumes by year groups.  The bound volumes in addition to containing the subject matter found in the pages offered here, also contained reams of information of no interest to anyone today and likely of little interest to anyone at the time they were published i.e., the proper techniques in painting structures, grounds keeping, approved leaves of absence for Ordnance personnel, travel approvals, who needed to file which overdue reports, ad nauseum.  These rescued documents of interest range in size from 1 page to in excess of 40 pages each and are printed on 7 by 5 paper page stock.  Each is in excellent, clear, clean condition, with no rips, tears or edge wear and the only marks are the stitching holes where the pages were bound in the volumes.  I have posted one photograph of one document to illustrate the format.  The content or subject matter of each document is listed below in the list organized by date, as well as the price for each depending on the comparative value of the content. 

GO.93, 5 pgs.  Allowances and regulations for issue of small arms and ammo to universities 

GO.95, 1pg      Officers Saddle Blanket pattern established  $15

GO.51, 4pgs. Unit Staff and Assignment Regulations  $8.00

GO.66, 4pgs  Enlisted Manpower and Unit Strength of the Army  $8

GO 84, 1pg.   Order to exchange M1873 45 Colts for M1896.38 Colts SOLD

GO 3
,  6pgs.  List of spare parts M1903 Springfield Rifle $35
GO.11,4 pgs  List of names of the Distinguished Riflemen and Pistol Shots

GO.4118pgs  Regulations for the National Match 1905, rules, participants, courses of fire, awards  $25

GO 44, 1pg.  Sword and Revolver issues to NCOs  SOLD

GO.79, 37pgs.  Marksmanship results for US Army, 1904, rifle, carbine and pistol firing, by unit and lists by name 235 Expert Riflemen, to include son of 7th Cavalry Cpt.Benteen.  $25

GO.101, 21pgs. Issue of Small Arms to Universities SOLD

GO.173, 47pgs. Winners of Army Marksman Competition names and scores  $25
GO.190, 1pg.Requirements for Artillery Target Practice $8 

Cir 18, 3pgs  Dress Saddle Cloth for Officers  $15
Cir 27, 1pg.  Reporting the loss of small arms.  $10
Cir 64, 1pgs. Assembly instructions for the M1903 Gun Sling  $30
GO126, 15pg Philippine Division Marksmanship Report Krag Carbines, Rifles and pistols results for 1904, includes names of 29 officers and enlisted men who qualified expert. $30

Bul 16
,13pgs. Marksmanship results for US Army, rifle, carbine and pistol firing $25

Bul 24, 2pgs.  Inspection and Service life of the M1903 Springfield Rifles  $25
Cir 1, 12 pgs. Allowances of small arms ammunition M1903, M1911, ammo packing, return of brass $25

Cir. 2, 6 pgs   Annual allowance of ammo for Artillery Target practice  $15

GO.41 14 pgs Instruction for Field Artillery, type, curriculum  $30

GO 47, 1pg.   Enlisted strengths for Field Artillery  $8
GO.49, 2pgs, Ammo supply requirements for M1909 Machine Rifle, Maxim Machine Gun, M1903 Rifle, M1911 Automatic Colt Pistol $18

GO 50, 2pgs  List of spare parts for M1909 Benet Mercie Machine Rifle  $45

GO 66, 2pgs. Horse Equipment and Firearm issue list   SOLD
GO.76  3pgs. Horse Equipment issue and allowances for officers 

, 3pgs. Horse Equipment for Officers issue list.   SOLD


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