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McCLELLAN SADDLE ARTWORK VIVID COLORS, EXCELLENT DETAIL SIGNED/NUMBERED PRINTS:  Recently released on the public market, these prints are wonderful artist renderings of fully equipped US Army McClellan Saddles from the M1859 Civil War McClellan to the M1928 McClellan.  Each saddle is shown as it would have been ridden in the field with all of the correct attendant equipment to support the horse and the trooper.  The six available images are shown below in the photographs, each signed and numbered by the artist, George Clark of New York.  He successfully captured not only the form and design features of each saddle, but with subtle shading and colors he has captured the character of the leather and canvas as it settled into place on the horse.  The images depict, in the order shown in the photos below: 

M1859 McClellan Saddle  (photos 1 & 2)  SOLD OUT

M1885 McClellan Saddle Near Side  (photos 3 & 4)

M1885 McClellan Saddle Off Side  (photos 5 & 6)

M1904 McClellan Saddle Near Side  (photos 7 & 8)  SOLD OUT

M1904 McClellan Saddle Off Side  (photos 9 & 10) SOLD OUT

M1928 McClellan Saddle  (photos 11 & 12)

Numbers 1 and 2 of each image are currently reserved for sale as complete sets of all six prints.  Once they are sold, I will provide matching numbers on complete sets for as long as they are available.  These prints will make beautiful gifts, presentation pieces and memorials for anyone with even a passing interest in the Cavalry.  Printed on high quality paper with fine detail and beautiful colors, these 8 by 11 prints are a excellent buy at $25 each. 



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