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WORLD WAR ONE US ARMY COMBAT MEDIC ARM BRASSARD:  Considerably less common than the World War Two Medic Brassards, the World War One pattern Combat Medic Arm Brassard differs in several ways from the later pattern.  The WWI version is made of a lighter weight cotton material and features a red wool cross.  The arm band is 2 wide, rather than the WWII width of 4.  The red cross on both versions is roughly the same size, however due to the narrower band, the red cross on this WWI version runs edge to edge on the band.  These earlier bands do not have the control number that is ink stamped on the WWII issue bands.   

This brassard is full length, has all of the original sewn hems intact, and has the full form wool red cross sewn to the white cotton field.  The brassard shows no use and must have been stored properly as the red wool cross has no moth damage and still retains its bright vibrant color.  As scarce as the WWII versions are, it was a real surprise to find this World War One Medic Brassard in such fine condition and a pleasure to be able to offer it here.  SOLD



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