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WORLD WAR ONE US ARMY DIAGNOSIS TAG BOOKLET AS CARRIED IN THE ENLISTED OR OFFICER MEDICAL BELTS:  Carried by the Medical Officers and Medical Corpsmen in their specialized Mills Belts, this Diagnosis Tag Booklet was used to begin the record of treatment for each wounded soldier.  One of the more difficult components to locate to complete the Mills Officer’s and Enlisted Medical Belts, these booklets were designed so each tag was fitted with a wire tag for attaching to soldier’s uniform and with a carbon copy that the issuing medical attendant would keep for his records.  These tags were intended to stay with each wounded soldier as he moved from the scene of his wounding through the aid station and on to the battalion aid station, and eventually the field hospital to detail his wounds and the treatment he had received at any given point. 

It appears that the first three tags were used from this booklet, but the remaining tags are present and intact with the carbon paper, copies and attaching wires.   Perhaps the soldier changed his mind once the doctor described the treatment.  The front and back covers show some wear, and both have been bent leaving a crease, however both boards are intact and firmly attached.  Dated 1917 on the front cover, this is the desirable early booklet, predating the US involvement in World War One.  Most of these that are found are dated 1918.  

Again, these pads are very scarce in today’s market and a loose pad in any condition is difficult to find.  One of the necessary accessories to complete your medical belt, this pad is in very acceptable condition. SOLD


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