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WORLD WAR ONE US ARMY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT FIELD SURGICAL INSTRUMENT STERILIZER:   This World War One US Army Medical Department Surgical Instrument Field Sterilizer is a beautiful, nickeled instrument, measuring 2 5/8 high, 1 wide and 1 deep, and is stamped on the bottom, U.S.A. M.D. Pioneer, New York, N.Y..  

These sterilizers were likely issued to doctors and corpsmen on the front lines and could have easily been carried in either the officer or enlisted medical equipment belts. The top lid lifts to expose the instrument tray.  The front panel drops to access the alcohol burner with its own fuel reservoir.  The cap on the burner unscrews to expose the wick. 

This specimen is complete, and while appears to have been issued and carried, it is in excellent condition with a clean, unburned wick, and it will be an attractive addition to your World War One Medical display or collection.  SOLD


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