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IDENTIFIED ORIGINAL CABINET CARD OF CHIEF BIG BOW – WELL KNOWN KIOWA LEADER & IMPORTANT SOUTHERN PLAINS PERSONALITY:  A very nice original identified cabinet card depicting Kiowa Chief Big Bow seated on a dead buffalo.  He is armed with a pistol tucked into to his waist under the front of his brass tacked leather belt, and is further adorned with a bone breast plate and otter fur wrapped braids.  Big Bow is flanked by two other Kiowa warriors, both wearing native clothing, to include typical Kiowa style leather fringed leggings.   

Big Bow was reportedly the most aggressive leader of the Kiowa, reputed to have killed more Caucasians than any other Kiowa warrior, as well as being known for his battles against the Navajos and Utes.  He was eventually convinced by other Kiowas to except amnesty from the U.S. government, settled in the Indian Territory, and later worked for the Army as a scout.  He died in 1900.  

This cabinet card measures 6 ½ " high and 4 ¼ " wide.  The condition is quite good with no scuffing to the image surface and the only wear evident being a tiny pin hole at the top of the card along the border where it was apparently once attached to a wall.  I have seen other printings of this same image, all bearing the same imprint of “Continental Stereographic Co., New York” along the front bottom of the card, and signed in ink on reverse “K. Shawler", and apparently all of these printings of this image were part of a promotional campaign where this image was given to prospective customersWhile the image appears light, all of the printings of this image that I have seen share this same light image and it may be that the original photograph had this light contrast.  The details are still very legible and the image is quite attractive.      

This is a very nice, identified cabinet card image of a well known Kiowa leader, who was very prominent in the history of the final years of the free ranging tribes of the Southern Plains.  (C-162)  $450


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