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COLT PRESENTATION CASE FOR THE MODEL 1862 POLICE 6 ˝” BARRELED REVOLVER OR ANY OF THE POCKET PERCUSSION PISTOLS OF THAT ERA – IN EXCELLENT CONDITION:  This Colt Presentation Case has survived the years in remarkable condition and would serve very well to would serve very well to display a high quality Colt Model 1862 Police Revolver or any of Colt’s Pocket model revolvers.   

The interior is partitioned to separate the revolver, flask, caps, bullets, and the necessary tools such as the mold, screwdriver, and capper.  The revolver compartment will accept a 6 ˝” barreled pistol. 

The scarlet lining is in excellent condition showing no separation from the case walls, no mothing, and no fraying.  All of the partition walls are fully intact with no loosening, nor is there any fraying to the lining where it passes over the top edges of the partitions.  There are imprints created by the pistol high points of the muzzle, cylinder, trigger guard and grips, and the powder flask and mold, which have left shadows of light discoloration on the lining, evidence of the pistol and accessories this case once held.   

The exterior of the case is in likewise very good condition showing only the most minor shelf wear and retaining the original finish.  The top of the case is inlet with a brass inscription plate which has never been engraved.  The lid mates securely with the base with no warping.  All the joints are solid and all of the wood is intact with no chips, cracks or severe marring.  The lock escutcheon is in place and the lock functions freely and engages properly with the original key present to complete the case.   

This is very nice presentation case and one that would complement a high quality Colt revolver.  (0340)  $1550



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