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Model 1880 Springfield Trapdoor triangular ROD BAYONET Rifle – VERY NICE CORRECT EXAMPLE OF A FAIRLY RARE MODEL – 1 OF 1014 PRODUCED:   Obtained from a very old and well established Texas collection of Springfield Armory firearms, this Model 1880 Triangular Rod Bayonet Rifle survived the years in very good condition, and certainly rates high in the ranks of surviving specimens.   

This rifle has retained all of the correct features to include: the complete rod bayonet and catch system, the serial number – 156591 - being within the correct range of numbers of known Model 1880 Rod Bayonet Rifles, the correct rear sight, the proper tool compartment in the butt stock and the correct dated – SWP 1881 – cartouche.  The mechanical lock and trigger function is very crisp and the bore is excellent with bright, strong rifling with no pitting.  The metal surfaces are smooth overall with no pitting.  The lock plate retains some of case colors, a bit faded but still plain enough to be apparent.  The barrel and butt plate have turned plum and the balance of the metal furniture appears to have been reblued at some point in time.  The stock has not been sanded or refinished, and is generally overall excellent; however there are a number of handling and storage marks that have accumulated through the years.  Of special note is condition of the rod channel which has sharp edges throughout with only one small area of wear on the lower end of the channel.  The “SWP 1881” cartouche is full form and completely legible, as are the circled P proof stamps – two of them -  below the trigger guard.  As it is known that at least some of these Rod Bayonet Rifles were assembled from condemned or salvaged parts, the additional circled P stamp is in context of the stock being reused and marked with the second proof.  The tool compartment in the butt stock is the proper configuration and both the Model 1879 Combination Tool and the Ruptured Case Extractor are present.  The rod bayonet is full length and the catch mechanism operates properly.  The butt plate tang is stamped with a unit identification number, “13”.   

This is a very respectable, complete Model 1880 Triangular Rod Bayonet Rifle and one that would be very difficult to upgrade.  (0928)  $2,980



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