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19TH CENTURY PRESENTATION CASE – LARGE ENOUGH TO ACCOMMODATE  A SET OF LARGE DUELING PISTOLS OR LARGE FRAME PERCUSSION REVOLVERS - IN VERY NICE CONDITION:  This large 19TH Century furniture grade wood box is an opportunity to create a presentation case for a pair of flintlock or percussion dueling or pocket pistols, or a pair of large frame percussion revolvers such as the Model 1860 Colt Army Pistols.   This case has survived the years in remarkable condition and would serve very well to display a set of high quality pistols and the related accessories.     

Measuring 17 ½” long, 7 ½” wide and 3 ½” deep (external dimensions), this case is very well made, featuring an inlaid brass folding handle in the top of the lid, well inlet hinges and locking device, and mortise and tenon joints.  The lock escutcheon is in place and the lock functions freely and engages properly with the original key present to complete the case.  The exterior of the case is in likewise very good condition showing only the most minor shelf wear and retaining an attractive finish.  The lid mates securely with the base with no warping.  The joints have all retained their tight fit with no separations.  There is a wood check in the lid and in the bottom panel, both the result of the aging process of the wood and not due to damage.  Both of these checks are stable and show no sign of increasing – likely stabilized long ago as the wood aged.   

The interior of the case was originally partitioned for an unknown set of instruments or household utensils.  There is a square lidded compartment in the upper left corner which retains its original lid, complete with an ivory knob.  The interior measures 16 ¾” long, just over 6 ¾” wide and 2 ¾” deep (including the depth of the lid).  As shown in the photographs below, the interior will easily accommodate a pair of Colt Army and Colt Navy Revolvers, and although I did not have a pair of flintlock or percussion “gentleman’s” pistols to photograph in the case, I feel certain a reasonable sized set of those pistols would fit as well.  There would be sufficient room remaining to accommodate separate compartments for a powder flask, caps, bullets, and the necessary tools such as the mold, screwdriver, and capper.   

As the exterior walls of the case would not require any attention, the effort and material necessary to create the interior partitions to accommodate your set of pistols would be minimal.  The wood working and lining the interior with felt could be accomplished in a hobby level home based work working shop.  While I’m thinking of it, if you find yourself needing felt to restore this or any other case, or on any other antique piece, forego shopping at any of the hobby or fabric stores and instead, find your local billiard or pool table dealer.  They use a much higher grade of felt fabric which has a tighter weave, has far less of that irritating fuzzy nap – the cloth is almost polished as was the felt used in the 18TH and 19TH Centuries – and it is far easier to work with.  They have a wide range of very rich colors and it is normally quite reasonable by the yard.  One last tip: measure, measure again, measure a third time, and then when you buy the material, buy twice what you figure you’ll need.  Trust me……… 

This is very nice presentation case and it offers an unusual opportunity to fashion a custom display for a pair of high quality pistols.  (0909)  $750



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