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NEW MODEL 1863 SHARPS CARBINE – WELL INSPECTED SPECIMEN IN VERY NICE CONDITION:  Introduced midway through the Civil war, this Model 1863 Sharps Carbine has survived the passage of time in very nice condition.   

Serial number 77571 is tightly within the range of Sharps Carbines issued to Company C of the 16TH Pennsylvania Cavalry and Company D of the 10TH Ohio Cavalry. 

In spite of showing some evidence of issue and use in the field, the metal and wood surfaces have survived in very nice condition.  The receiver, breech block and lever, trigger plate, butt plate and barrel band all retain trace levels of the case colors.  The barrel retains some of the original blue finish on the underside, with clear smooth surfaces overall.  All of the screw heads retain clean undamaged slots and some retain some traces of the original blue finish.  The lock mechanism and breech block function as crisp as the day it was manufactured and the percussion cone is full form and has not been peened by careless dry firing. The bore features strong rifling with distinct lands and grooves throughout, with only minimal darkening which could be cleared with some time spent polishing the bore.     

All of the Sharps manufacturing and patent information stamps are present and legible on the lock plate and receiver.  The serial number on the upper receiver tang is present and fully legible.  The face of the breech block is legibly stamped with both of the correct patent stamps.  The butt plate tang, sidebar plate, and the inside of the breech block lever are all stamped with the government sub-inspectors’ initials.   

The barrel does not bear the Sharps Company stamps, however the model stamp is characteristically lightly stamped and partially legible on the top of the barrel between the rear sight and breech where it is normally found.  At first thought, the absence of the company stamp might indicate the barrel has been polished, resulting in the removal of these stamps.  However, there is no change to the top profile of the barrel that would result from the removal of such deep stampings.  In his description of the Civil War Sharps Carbines, Sellers does state on page 75, referring to the barrel markings, “Occasionally this marking does not appear”.   Perhaps due to the pressing needs of war manufacture these stampings were omitted, but there is no doubt this barrel is a Sharp’s barrel and is original to this carbine.  The front and rear sights are both present and fully intact, to include the rear sight ladder and slide.   

The butt stock and forearm are in remarkable condition showing only the slightest handling marks and no damage.  This is particularly notable as there is the characteristic arc of wear on the left side of the buttstock caused where the soldier’s carbine shoulder strap snap swivel wore against the wood.  Solid evidence that this carbine was indeed carried by a mounted soldier over a period of time, however the balance of the stocks show none of the damage which normally accompanies this level of use.  There is a trace of the outline of the government inspector’s cartouche still visible on the left side of the stock under the sling bar.  The cartouche was subjected to constant wear from the carbine sling snap swivel and it did not survive long once the carbine was issued.      

This is a very nice example of one of the most famous and highly respected cavalry carbines employed during the Civil War.  Showing signs of having been issued, yet not abused, this carbine is of a quality that is seldom encountered specifically because most Sharps Carbines were used so extensively during their period of issue. This is a good opportunity to add a respectable example of the Model 1863 Sharps Carbine to your collection at a very reasonable price.  (0779)  $2475 



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