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MODEL 1895 WINCHESTER RIFLE BOLT .30/06 CALIBER - COMPLETE ASSEMBLY IN EXCELLENT CONDITION:  This is an exceptionally clean and complete bolt for the Model 1895 Winchester Lever Action Rifle.   

This bolt is complete with the extractor, ejector, firing pin, other pins, and all of the springs ready to assemble into your rifle.  The springs are very strong, showing no sign of wear or weakness.  The metal surfaces have an overall gray, smooth finish with no significant pitting.  While the metal surfaces show no evidence of having been refinished, this bolt is in such condition that it could be reblued to match the finish on a 99% rifle.   

The bottom of the bolt is stamped with several legible maker and proof marks.   

While a gunsmith would be able to confirm this, I have been told that the face of this bolt could be machined to accept the .30 Army (.30/40 Krag, rimmed) cartridge since all other dimensions and parts should be nearly identical.   

An excellent replacement bolt, this is very scarce Winchester Rifle major component, and an equally scarce opportunity to purchase the entire bolt for less than you could buy the collection of parts necessary to assemble a bolt assuming you could find the parts.  (0102)  $250



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