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MODEL 1870 SPRINGFIELD TRIAL CARBINE:  The Model 1870 Springfield Carbine is the crown jewel of the early Indian Wars Cavalry carbines, and is often missing from all but the most advanced collections due to limited production and a low survival rate.  Produced for the 1870 Trials, it is generally accepted that approximately 341 of these scarce carbines were manufactured, with the vast majority having been issued to the regiments serving on the Western frontier and subjected to heavy use. 

Well pedigreed, this carbine was purchased years ago from the Mike Yeck Collection, was then owned by R. Stephen Dorsey and held in his personal collection, and is the exact Model 1870 Carbine shown on page 164 of Dorsey’s Guns of the Western Indian Wars.

This Model 1870 Springfield Carbine presents very well and has all of the correct components.  The correct high arch breech block is properly marked 1870 and US with the eagle head and crossed arrows, and the lock plate is dated 1863.  All of these markings to include the eagle and the “US SPRINGFIELD” on the lock plate are distinct and fully legible.  The correct carbine rear sight is present and still retains much of its original black finish, and the front sight has the correct brass blade.  The bore is excellent - overall bright with very strong rifling and no pitting or discoloration.  The breech block and receiver have the proper black oil quenched finish. The action of the lock and the function of the breech block are both crisp and tight, functioning “like new”.  The metal surfaces of the barrel, barrel band, butt plate and trigger group are overall very smooth, and have the proper bright finish, with a pleasing aged mottling.  The only pitting notable is a slight ring of pitting around the exterior of the muzzle. 

The overall smooth stock features a rich color, with only minimal signs of wear and few handling marks.  The “ESA” cartouche is definitely present on the sling bar flat, but is no longer completely legible.  Likewise the boxed “L” firing proof below the rear trigger guard tang is present.  There are no cracks or repairs, and other than the few dings on the right butt stock flat that can be seen in the photographs below, this stock is in very nice condition – far better than is usually found on these early frontier used carbines. 

This is a very nice Model 1870 Trial Carbine that would never have to be upgraded.  It is a very attractive specimen that retains all the unique features and one that will be a significant addition to your Indian War collection.  SOLD


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