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MODEL 1833 US ARMY DRAGOON SABER w/ SCABBARD – VERY NICE EXAMPLE - DATED AMES 1837 w/ “UNITED STATES” ENGRAVED ON THE BLADE:  This very historic US Army Dragoon Model 1833 Saber is highlighted by the engraved inscription on the blade “UNITED STATES” over a floral banner, and retains a very legible, engraved maker’s mark: “N. P. AMES, CUTLER, SPRINGFIELD, 1837”.  The engraving is still legible, enhancing the value of this Model 1833 Saber as the engraving on these blades was very shallow when it was originally applied and due to wear and cleaning through the years, the characters are often completely worn away.   

In addition to the maker’s mark, the saber has all of the correct inspector stamps present and fully legible on the components.  Both the blade - stamped immediately above the guard and below the date, and on the quillon disk, are stamped “WS”, indicating they were inspected by William Smith.  The face of the guard is inspected “HKC” and “ORD”, for Major Henry Knox Craig, the final Ordnance Department Inspector who accepted the finished saber.   

The blade is generally bright with no heavy pitting and only scattered darkened spots peppered evenly over the surface.  The majority of the blade surface still retains a smooth, bright, shiny surface.  The blade is full length at 34” and has not been sharpened out of profile or shortened.     

The guard has a very nice naturally aged patina, and is full form with no misshaping or breaks.  The original leather covering the grip is tight, showing none of the surface wear to the high points often seen, rather it is fully intact with a bright, shiny surface.  The wire wrap is firmly in place and complete.  The leather washer is present.  The guard assembly is attached to tang with the correct, original spanner nut, and it does not appear to have ever been removed.   

The original steel scabbard appears in every way to be original to this sabre and it fits the sabre with a minimal amount of play.  Both of the correct split rings are present and full form.  The drag is correctly stamped with the inspector initials “WS”.  One side of the scabbard is generally smooth, with the other having some light pitting evenly present.  The scabbard has a pleasing aged brown color.  The seams are all tight with one small hole at the bottom of the scabbard on one side, adjacent to the drag.  The scabbard has the characteristic dent on both sides, approximately one third of the way up from the drag.  The Model 1833 Sabre tended to rattle in the scabbard, not only a nuisance, but a serious determent when in the field.  A significant number of these sabres seem to have the same set of dents, or crimps if you will, in the same general area of the scabbard.  While these scabbards were well known for their light-weight construction, and tendency to be dented, bent or broken in service, given the frequency in which these crimps show up in the same location on the scabbard, it is possible this was intentionally done by the soldiers as an accepted practice in order to trap the blade in the scabbard and reduce the rattling noise.  

This Model 1833 Dragoon Saber is a very attractive historical saber from the early days of the nation when the US Army maintained a very limited mounted force, and due to limited production and a relatively low survival rate, examples of this saber are quite scarce.  This specimen presents in very nice condition with all of the features intact and it will be a pleasure to own with no need to upgrade it.  (0910) $2650




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