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LIGHT CAVALRY SABRE – VERY NICE BLADE AND SCABBARD – GOOD VALUE:  We often forget that the 19TH Century soldier’s equipment, particularly those items issued to the cavalry, was subjected to extremely hard use and wear which resulted in a very limited service life before the equipment had to be replaced or returned to the Ordnance Department arsenals or depots for refurbishing.  For example, during the Civil and Indian Wars the army’s expectation of a sabre’s service life in the field was limited to six months before the sabre would have to be refurbished, which could include polishing, straightening, and smoothing the edge of the blade, straightening or replacing the scabbard, rewrapping the grip, and restoring the brass guard to its original shape. 

This sabre was subjected to at least one of these refurbishing efforts, evidenced by the polishing at the ricasso which removed the maker’s name and date of manufacture,  however the “U” of the US stamp still remains.  The blade is full form, the metal surface is overall bright, and the ricasso cross polishing is still present.  There is no severe pitting on the blade, only the scattered darkened speckling and light frosting of the metal that one expects to see on these early, well used blades as the steel ages.   The edge is clean with no dents or nicks.

The brass guard has a soft patina, is full form and is not misshapen due to wear or use, and the leather washer is present on the face of the guard.  The grip leather is original and overall smooth without flaking and the original wire wrapping is present, tight, and complete.  The pommel cap is stamped twice with the numeral “16”, likely a unit applied inventory number, and the face of the guard has a hand applied Roman numeral, probably executed by the soldier to further identify his sabre. 

The scabbard is very nice, retaining its full form without any dents, is complete with the throat and carrying rings, and a full form drag.  The steel has a beautiful finish, now turned to a plum blue.  The metal is overall smooth and bright with only minimal pitting at the lower end, concentrated around the drag.     

This is an excellent example of a Light Cavalry Sabre, in a condition far above the norm one encounters on the market today.  The evidence of arsenal refurbishing attests to this sabre’s service during the Civil War and probably onto the western frontier during the Indian Wars.  This sabre will impart a sense of pride in ownership through the years, and it will be a solid addition to your collection.  SOLD



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