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CIVIL WAR CAVALRY OFFICERS LIGHT CAVALRY SABRE –ETCHED BLADE – MADE BY SAUERBIER - VERY NICE OFFICER’S SABRE:  One of the key blades necessary to complete a collection, this Civil War Cavalry Officers Light Cavalry Sabre manufactured by Henry Sauerbier of Newark, New Jersey will certainly enhance your display.  Cavalry Officer’s sabres have always been difficult to find for they were simply not produced in great quantity.  One estimate determined that one of the largest manufacturers of cavalry sabres, the Ames Company, manufactured only 338 Cavalry Officers sabres, a mere 4/10ths of one percent of their total cavalry sabre production.  Few Cavalry Officers sabres were embellished with the costly brass or gold washed scabbard fittings which added significantly to the cost of the sabre.  Many officers, limited by personal finances, and recognizing the wear and abuse the sabre would be exposed to in the field, chose to purchase sabres such as this specimen with little decoration on the guard, simple etching on the blade, and unadorned scabbards.   

This sabre is well marked, with an etched panel on the reverse ricasso bearing a legible “H. SAUERBIER, NEWARK, NJ”.  The Phyrgian cap pommel, the quillon, and the branches of the guard all feature the cast decorations of acanthus leaves and berries and/or oak leaves and acorns. The guard is full form with no damage, the branches maintain their original curve, and the brass has a very pleasing patina that has not been polished.  The classic light cavalry sabre grip with the swelled belly is covered in black leather secured with a twisted wire wrapping.  The leather is overall smooth showing little wear or aging and no flaking.  The 32” blade is full length, features an unstopped fuller, again consistent with Sauerbier sabres, is finely etched on both sides, and the leather washer is present.  The obverse (right) side of the blade is etched beginning at the guard with a floral pattern approximately 14” long.  The reverse (left) side of the blade is likewise etched with a similar length panel of floral patterns surrounding a bold “US” above the Sauerbier maker panel.  The etchings are all clear and legible, however they are almost impossible to photograph and capture the etched images due to the glare from the blade.  The blade has a semi-rounded back, unstopped fuller and is unsharpened with a smooth edge, terminating in the original shape of the point.  The blade is overall bright with only scattered minor darkening and no pitting.  The back of the blade has an etched panel “IRON PROOF” immediately in front of the guard. 

The steel scabbard is very attractive with a smooth, even surface having only a very few scattered spots of light pitting, and overall featuring a nice mottled, aged finish.  The ring mounts and both rings are intact and retain their shape.  The scabbard body is full form with no dents and a complete, intact seam, and is wood lined as expected on a Sauerbier scabbard.  The drag is the proper heavy shoe-style attached with two recessed screws.

This Light Cavalry Officer’s Sabre is an attractive piece and it will display well with your officer’s grouping or in your array of Civil War sabres.  SOLD



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