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US NAVY TYPE III BOARDING PIKE – MARKED “USN” – IN EXCELLENT CONDITION:  The boarding pikes employed aboard US Navy ships during the early years of our nation were of several different patterns.  This Type III, as it has come to be known and described in Gilkerson’s Boarders Away, first appeared at the end of the War of 1812.  An example of this Type III Boarding Pike, featuring a slender tapering four-sided spike, was recovered from the wreck of Commodore Perry’s brig Niagara located in Lake Erie where she had been scuttled in 1820.  This same pattern continued in use through the Mexican War, the Civil War, and the Spanish American War.   

The boarding pike was a necessary weapon carried in the arms lockers and posted about the decks of all warships of the 19Th Century, as well as on a large number of merchantmen.  Used to board enemy ships, or repel hostile boarders, the pike was a formidable weapon in the skilled hands of hardened sailors, and facing a bank of these pikes must have been intimidating, indeed.   


US NAVY TYPE III BOARDING PIKE SPIKE HEAD – IN EXCELLENT CONDITION:  This Type III US Navy Boarding Pike Head retains its full form and shows very little wear and no damage.  

Almost identical to the head on the Type III Boarding Pike listed above, this head measures 19 ¼” in overall length.  The attaching straps are some 2 ¼” longer on this head than on the one listed above.  The spike proper on this spike is the same length as the one above - 7 ¼” – and features the same four-sided profile.  The edges are sharp and the tip appears to hold the original profile with no evidence it was ever broken or reshaped.  The iron head is overall smooth with no significant pitting and it has a very nice naturally aged color.  

This Boarding Pike Head could be nicely displayed as is, or with little effort, a haft could be fashioned for it, following the profile of the pike listed above.  Either way, this U.S. Navy Boarding Pike Head would make an interesting addition to your 19TH Century U.S. Navy display.  (0502)  $275


US NAVY TYPE III BOARDING PIKE – MARKED “USN” – IN EXCELLENT CONDITION:  This particular Boarding Pike is a significant specimen as it is period marked with a “U.S.N.” stamp on the haft. 

This Type III Boarding Pike has survived the years in excellent condition despite evidence that it was subjected to use aboard ship.  The pike measures its original length of 96” – never having been broken or shortened.  The iron head measures just over 17” long in total length, including the attaching straps, and the spike proper measures 7 ¼” long from the point to the start of the swell which accommodates the haft.  The spike is four-sided with clean, square edges and the tip retains its original taper with no sign it was ever broken off and reshaped.  Two straps integral to, and descending from, the spiked head capture the wood haft and are secured with three iron rivets or screws.  The iron head is overall smooth with no significant pitting and it has a very nice naturally aged color.   

The original haft is stamped “U.S.N.” on one side between the iron straps. There is also a stamped cipher, “8” on both sides of the haft immediately below the spike and between the two attaching straps, possibly identifying the station aboard ship where this pike was posted.     From the apparent wear and aging to the characters of all three stampings, they were certainly applied during the period of use.  The original haft is full form with no damage or significant loss of wood, and the desirable “ball” on the butt of the haft is present and full form with no chips or cracks.   The haft retains a nice patinated finish with a surface smooth from handling and a very attractive color.  There are traces of white paint present down in the wood grain which are probably traces of the white lead paint applied aboard ship as was the custom of the period of use of these pikes.    

While on occasion these Type III Boarding Pikes appear on the market, it is unusual to find one with the desirable US Navy mark which confirms it was used aboard one of our men of war under sail.  This is a very nice example and one that will be an important addition to your mid-nineteenth century US Navy display.  SOLD

NOTE ON SHIPPING:  I have computed the packing and shipping costs for this pike based on shipping it via USPS.  The packing – in a custom made crate - and shipping costs for anywhere within the continental United States will be at the most, $150 based on 2016 rates.  In the event of a dramatic increase in shipping costs, for which I have no control, the costs will be adjusted accordingly.  For what it’s worth, I’m not adding any fees for the packing materials or the time to prepare the pike for shipping.  All in all, I think that is more than reasonable. 




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