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MODEL 1904 SECOND PATTERN McCLELLAN SADDLE – VERY ATTRACTIVE EXAMPLE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION:  This Model 1904 2ND Pattern McClellan Saddle is a very attractive specimen, having retained a desirable light caramel color and survived with all of the components intact as it was issued.  

The overall condition of this saddle is excellent, with the clear, bright russet leather featuring a smooth shiny surface and a light caramel color, with no sign of heavy use or oil soaking.  This saddle was very likely issued at one point, evidenced by some minor marks in the leather, but it has not been abused nor subjected to hard use.  There is no crazing to the leather and all of the seams are secure and intact.  The surface of the seat is particularly nice with little, if any, evidence of wear or age.  The rear face of the cantle is legibly stamped with the saddle maker’s name, “H & H LEA, CO.”, one of the civilian saddle maker firms which manufactured these saddles under contract with the U.S. Army.   

A truly notable feature which sets this saddle apart from the majority available on the market today, all six of the original coat straps are present – their originality confirmed by the presence of all six straps retaining the riveted “donut” stops which kept the straps from being removed from the slots and foot loops.  The six straps are still wrapped in the original “pig tail” configuration as the saddles were shipped from the maker, all are full length with no breaks, and of course, all retain the original buckles.  The color of all six straps matches the color of the saddle.  Original coat straps are now almost nonexistent, whether found on a saddle or on the loose, and they are almost never encountered still on a saddle as a complete set.  The straps were relatively fragile, given to wear out and break, or were separated from the saddles when they passed into the surplus market.  Finding a single original coat strap present on a saddle is very notable – finding all six as in this case, is truly rare.    

The quarter straps are complete, full length and  have not been trimmed, and both safes and both girthing straps are present – an added plus as these girthing straps are normally missing and are impossible to find on the loose.  All of the fittings – foot loops, saddle bag stud, equipment rings, and coat strap mortise plates – are present and in likewise excellent condition.   

The presence of the matching pair of correct Model 1904 Sweat Leathers is a nice feature rarely found on these saddles, as the sweat leathers were an optional feature and issued based on the commanding officer’s preference - supplied to the units only upon his requisition.  The color of the sweat leathers not only matches each other, but they match the color of the balance of the saddle, indicating they are original to this saddle.  The lower corner of one of the sweat leathers is stamped with the maker’s name and inspector’s initials. 

The correct Model 1904 Second Pattern Stirrups with the proper double layer leather hooded stirrups are a perfect match to the seat, and they retain a smooth bright finish.  Both hoods are full form with no weak points or misshaping, and both feature a legible clear “US” embossed in the oval.  The hood of one stirrup bear’s an inspector’s stamps.  The frames are both solid with no damage and both retain a nice original finish on the wood.    The stirrups are attached with original Model 1904 Stirrup Straps that are full length with no breaks or tears, and the color of the straps is commensurate with the balance of this saddle.  

This is a very attractive, complete specimen of the Model 1904 McClellan Saddle which has survived the years in remarkably excellent condition.  Once fairly common, specimens such as this that have not been oil soaked and retain the lighter caramel russet color, that are still complete with all of the original fittings and straps, and have not been modified through civilian use, are becoming increasingly difficult to find, and they seldom appear on the market. This early 20TH Century US Army saddle would be a fine addition to your collection and one which would be difficult to upgrade.  SOLD



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