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MODEL 1917 OFFICERS POMMEL POCKET – VERY NICE EXAMPLE TO DISPLAY ON A MODEL 1917 OFFICERS FIELD SADDLE:  Introduced with the Model 1917 Officers Field Saddle, these pommel pockets provided the officer with the additional storage space to carry the necessary equipment and personal effects to support himself and his horse in the field.  While provided in pairs – one for each side of the pommel – as they were not connected in any way, they were easily separated, and as is so often the case, this very nice example survived as a single pocket.  

Provided in sets of two, one for each side of the pommel, these pockets were designed as specific “left” or “right” – this example being a right side, or “off side” pocket.  The saddle was fitted with two sockets, one on each side of, and just below, the crest of the pommel which were protected by a nickel plate.  The sockets had two opposing notches which corresponded to the two protrusions on the stud mounted on the rear of the pommel pocket.  To attach the pocket it was held parallel to the saddle seat, the stud was fitted into the socket, and the pocket was then rotated down to hang in its natural position.  The notches in the sockets and the wings on the stud served to lock the pocket in place.     

This pommel pocket is in excellent condition, showing little use, with a smooth medium russet color overall.  The pebble grain leather is pliable and retains its bright finish overall.  The buckle and billet which secure the cover are present and fully intact.  The standing loops on the back of the pouch are likewise intact and show no wear, weakness or stretching.   The gusset is complete and intact with none of the wear or tearing often found in the softer gusset leather on these pockets.  The back of the pocket is stamped “Q.M.C. JEFF. 1923” within a cartouche - indicating it was produced at the Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot - and with the inspector’s initials “H.E.K.”.  The pocket is also stamped near the mounting stud with the piece worker’s initials, “P.M.”.  This pocket shows no evidence of hard use or wear, and all of the seams and edges are strong, intact and in full form.     

Examples of the Model 1917 Officers Pommel Pockets are not readily available on the market, and most that are found have serious structural and condition problems due to heavy use and poor storage.  This is a very nice example which will enhance your Model 1917 Officers Field Saddle.  (0805)  $350  



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