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19TH CENTURY LEATHER SADDLE POCKETS – HEAVILY DECORATED WITH APPLIED STAMPED DESIGN - AN ATTRACTIVE SET IN VERY GOOD CONDITION - APPROPRIATE FOR DISPLAY ON AN EARLY FRONTIER WESTERN SADDLE:  This set of 19TH Century Saddle Pockets present in excellent condition, having defied the passage of time, the turbulent years of the late 19TH Century frontier which consumed so much of the western horse equipment through hard use, and the neglect and poor storage in the years that followed which eventually destroyed what little remained.      

This set of saddle pockets has survived in very good condition.  Constructed of substantial bridle leather, the front panels of the pockets, the flaps and the interconnecting seat or yoke are all heavily stamped with a well executed decorative pattern.  The design of the stamping suggests this set originated in the American Southwest or along the Southern Border Region. 

Measuring an overall length of 30”, each bag measures 9” long and 6” wide, with a 2” wide gusset around all three sides of each bag.  The body, flap, ends and straps are fashioned from substantial weight leather that is still very supple, and the leather surfaces are still bright with a shiny finish, with no crazing or flaking.  The bags are very solid with no rot or deterioration, and all of the seams are intact.  There are short sections of restitching to the top corners of the gussets where they attach to the rear panels which appear to have been executed during the period of use.  These corners were subject to the most wear due to the weight of the contents of the bags, and such repairs are commonly encountered.  The two original closing straps which secure the flaps on both of the bags are present, appear to be full length and are intact with no severe weak points.  The matching billets with the iron buckles are present, intact, and full length.    

This set of Saddle Pockets is a well made, nicely decorated example of the saddle maker’s art available on the Western Frontier.  The type of above average horse furniture that a well equipped mounted traveler would have carried behind his saddle with the personal items he needed for a short trip, this set will be a special addition to your antique saddle. (1203) $850



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