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MODEL 1904 CAVALRY LARIAT-PICKET ROPE - UNISSUED IN EXCELLENT CONDITION:  An unissued, like new, original US Army Model 1904 Cavalry Lariat or Picket Rope, complete with the snap hooks and rings.  A notable specimen, the rope clamps on this lariat have the original brown lacquer japanning, while the snap hooks, link rings and eyes have the dark metal finish similar to the finish noted on a set of Rock Island Arsenal marked lariat hardware dated 1913 I once had.  Apparently the brown lacquer finish on the fittings which were subject to heavy use and wear was replaced with this more durable metal finish.   

The finish on the snap hooks, link rings and eyes is very smooth with no corrosion or wear evident.  The rope clamps retain the majority of the brown lacquer finish.  The rope is clean without any sign of having been uncoiled or used.   

These lariats have become quite scarce and examples in this condition are seldom available.  This lariat is an unissued specimen, still in the original roll as they came from the arsenal and were issued to the troops.  (0215)  $450






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