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THE AMERICAN MILITARY SADDLE, 1776-1945, R Stephen Dorsey & Kenneth L. McPheeters:  With over 400 pages, this is the most complete coverage of the subject ever written on the American Military Saddle.  Featuring nearly 1000 photographs and official drawings gleaned from the major public and private collections in the United States and Great Britain. In depth research on each subject. Chronologically arranged for easy use. 25 years in the making, this fine research work has become the key reference on the subject - for collectors, historians, researchers and museums. Including: saddles, saddlebags, cantle bags, saddle trees, saddle cloths, shabraques, saddle blankets, bridle bits, saddle valises, stirrups, pommel pockets, saddler and farrier tools, care and conservation. 

Published in 1999, the success and demand for this volume has exceeded our wildest expectations.  Long since sold out of the primary market, second hand copies are now offered for sale at what can only be described as unimaginable prices. 

I have recently acquired two copies, both ex-libris but in very good to excellent condition with only minor discoloration on the edges of the pages where the books sat on the shelves.  The bindings are strong, all the pages are intact and from what I can tell after inspecting them, they were seldom used and then only gently.   While the asking prices I have seen for even heavily used copies of this book have been a source of interest to us, and we are happy to see this work continues to be appreciated, I am able to offer these two at a much more reasonable price.  $450 per copy while they last. 



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