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PATTERN 1903 OFFICER’S SPURS – PRIVATE PURCHASE COMMERCIALLY MADE BY THE FAMOUS AUGUST BUERMANN COMPANY - EXCELLENT MATCHED PAIR w/ CORRECT ORIGINAL STRAPSAs described in The American Military Spur, by Dorsey on pages 81- 82, the Pattern 1903 Officers’ Spurs were adopted by the Ordnance Department to replace the various officer spur patterns of the 1880’s.     

The primary difference in design between the Pattern 1885 and Pattern 1903 Spurs – both officer and enlisted patterns – was the addition of a locking stud on the center bar of the spur strap slots on both sides of the spur.  The stud kept the spur strap in place once the spur was buckled on the boot and kept the strap from shifting.   The other most notable differences included the shape of the spur, the lack of the heel gutter, a more decorative strap buckle, and finally that the Pattern 1903 Officer Spurs were made of white metal. 

While these officers’ spurs were manufactured at Rock Island Arsenal, as officers were required to purchase their own equipment, an officer was free to select higher grade items such as his finances would allow.  Such is the case with this pair of spurs which were manufactured by the August Buermann Manufacturing Company in Newark, New Jersey, evidenced by the company’s cartouche – the star – stamped on each of these spurs.  Produced faithful in every way to the standard pattern designed, approved, and produced by the army at the arsenal, this pair of spurs is very well made and is typical of the work produced by Buermann, the premier US manufacturer of metal bridle bits, spurs, and stirrups in the post-1900 period.   

This matched pair of spurs shows evidence of use; however they have survived in excellent condition with full length original leather straps which retain both of the original buckles.  The spurs show no signs of excessive wear or misshaping, and the original rowels are present, full form and both spin freely.   

The leather spur straps show similar evidence of use; however they are full length and are supple without any weak points.  The unique Pattern 1903 Officer Spur Strap buckles are both present. 

Seldom found intact with the original straps, this is a very nice pair of Pattern 1903 Officers Spurs to display with an early 20TH Century officer’s grouping.  (0830)  $375








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