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MODEL 1859 EARLY PATTERN OFFICER’S SPURS WITH THE ORIGINAL SPUR STRAPS  – VERY NICE MATCHING PAIRAs discussed in The American Military Spur, by Dorsey, pages 35-38, this pair of Model 1859 Early Pattern Officer’s Spurs are identified by the square-cornered strap slot boxes, the five lobed design cast into the spur below the shank on the outside rear of the spurs, and the lack of the groove or gutter on the interior surface of the body of the spurs.   

Manufactured in far lower numbers than the Model 1859 Enlisted Spurs, the early War production Officer Spurs are seldom found on the market as a matched set, and almost never are they found with the full length straps present and intact.   

Both of these spurs have an attractive naturally aged and matching patina, and are complete with freely turning steel rowels.  At some point the original pebbled finish which remained from the casting process, and was left “as is” in the early years of the Civil War, has been polished smooth, possibly in accordance with the1872 Cavalry Equipment Board, who in submitting their recommendations for the continued use of existing equipment and, or the adoption of new equipment, determined that the “present pattern of spur” was still serviceable, however they suggested that the rough cast surface of the Civil War production spurs should be polished smooth.  When their recommendation was approved, the polished Model 1859 spurs received the new designation – Model 1872.  The officer who wore these spurs may very well have had them polished smooth to comply with the new regulations.  There is no misshaping or damage to either spur.   

The original straps are full length and supple, with some minor evidence of wear, but no crazing to the surface, and no loss of finish.  The brass wire buckles are both present as are the standing loops.   

Far scarcer than the Enlisted Pattern Model 1859 Spurs or the later more elaborately decorated Civil War Officer Spurs, the Early War production Officer Spurs are seldom encountered.  Complete with the original straps, this pair would be a special addition to display with a Cavalry Officer’s sabre and saddle.  (0511)  $675






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