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MODEL 1904 US ARMY NOSE BAG – IN VERY GOOD CONDITION:  This Model 1904 Nose Bag is in very good condition, with a clean, solid canvas body, a strong legible “U.S.Q.M.C.” stencil on the front, and all of the seams intact.  There are no severe points of wear or damage, and the bag is very strong and solid.     

The leather components – the strap, vent and bottom – are all solid.  The leather surfaces of the vent and bottom have bright, smooth shiny surfaces.  The surface of the strap shows some evidence of use and aging, with one worn point visible in the photographs below, which is due to repeated folding and flexing in storage.  This flex point is not severely weakened; rather the affect to the surface is primarily cosmetic.  The buckle is still solidly attached and fully functional, with much of the original black japanned finish still intact.  The billet end of the head strap is full length – unusual as many of these nose bags are found with the billet shortened contemporary to its use to remove excess leather.  Finding a nose bag with a full length billet is unusual.  The billet retains a partially legible maker’s stamp and the full “CONTRACT JULY 21, 1917” stamp is fully legible. 

This is a very respectable example of the Model 1904 Nose Bag which was an integral component of the basic issue for every mounted soldier and it would display very nicely with your Model 1904 McClellan Saddle.  SOLD



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