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ORIGINAL COAT AND VALISE STRAP FOR THE MODEL 1844 RINGGOLD AND THE MODEL 1847 GRIMSLEY DRAGOON SADDLES – VERY RARE OFFERING:  These original coat and valise straps which were issued with the Model 1844 Ringgold and Model 1847 Grimsley Dragoon Saddles are so rare that most collectors have never seen one.  These equipment straps were the component of the Dragoon saddles that suffered the most wear and were subject to being broken off or removed from the saddle, and those that did survive disappeared into the piles of unidentified leather strapping in the surplus dealers’ warehouses.   

This strap, measuring 28” long and ˝” wide, could have been used to secure the overcoat across the pommel, or to attach the distinctive dragoon valise to the rear of the cantle.  The strap is full length with an overall smooth finish to the leather, is supple, and is complete with the two opposing standing loops and buckle.  The buckle is the correct brass faced horse shoe-shaped buckle which was characteristic of much of the dragoon era horse equipment.  The strap does show some evidence of wear and age and while it would be an excellent addition to display on your dragoon era saddle, no weight should be exerted on the strap.   

Original coat straps for any of the US Military saddles are seldom found intact on the original saddles and they are virtually non-existent in the collector’s market as loose components to complete your saddle.  That this strap dates from the early, Mexican War Dragoon period and has survived defies all odds, and it would be a special addition to your saddle.  (1111)  $250



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