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CIVIL WAR “STAR PATTERN” STIRRUPS – STRONG ASSOCIATION WITH CONFEDERATE FORCES FROM TEXAS AND MISSISSIPPI - EXCELLENT MATCHED PAIR:  These iron stirrups, dating from the mid-19th Century, have been long associated with a style used by Confederate mounted forces during the Civil War.  Believed to have been related to the Southern soldiers from Texas or Mississippi, the distinctive cutout star design featured in the tread of stirrups certainly suggests use in a military context.  

I recently had the opportunity to view a collection of artifacts that were excavated from a Civil War campsite in Georgia and the owner had documented that the location was occupied by Texas units during the War.  The collection included one of these stirrups identical to the style of the pair offered here, as well as the side bar from a bridle bit, and several artillery implements – all made of iron and all featuring the same star cut out design.  This collection of relics, particularly the single stirrup, adds to the connection of this style of stirrup with the Confederacy.   

Measuring 3 ¾” high and 3 ½” wide, this pair shows identical wear and aging and was surely used as a matched set on the same saddle.  The tread features the star shaped cut out surrounded by a wide circle.  The upper surface of the tread has a hand applied pattern of stippling.  Full form, with no damage or excessive wear, both stirrups have a nice naturally aged patina.   

These “Star Pattern” Iron Stirrups are quite rare and one of the iconic pieces of horse equipment associated with the Confederate cavalry, and this pair would make a fine addition to complete a saddle of the period.  (0725)   $1275



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