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1800 – 1850 US ARMY OFFICER’S BRIDLE ORNAMENTS – MATCHED PAIR IN EXCELLENT “LIKE NEW” CONDITION – A VERY RARE OFFERING:  Obtained from the same old collection which produced the South Carolina Officer’s Bridle Set listed on this site, this matched pair of U.S. Army and State Militia Officer’s Bridle Ornaments feature the design of the National Martial Eagle which dates as early as the first decade of the 1800’s and was in use as late as the 1850’s.  This same style of eagle insignia appears on the cockade decorating the uniform Chapeau worn by Brigadier General Peter Gansevoort during the War of 1812.  This spread winged eagle continued in use on officer and enlisted men’s hat buttons and front plates, breast plates, cartridge box plates and belt plates well into the 1850’s.   

Measuring just over 1 ˝” in diameter, and fitted with a brass wire standing loop on the lead filled reverse, these brass medallions still retain much of their original gilt finish.  Both medallions are in excellent condition with no misshaping or wear.  When I acquired the pair, they were (and still are) joined by a small tag which bears a handwritten notation that the pair were found as “new old stock” in the inventory of the Stokes Kirk Uniform supply store in Philadelphia. Stokes Kirk was one of the pillars of the American military surplus market from 1874 through its closing in 1976.  

This pair of ornaments would have been appropriate decoration on the crown of the bridle on the horses ridden by any officer in the regular U.S. Army or in any of the State Militias of the period.  Matched pairs of these early bridle ornaments are extremely rare, and whether they are used to enhance an existing antebellum bridle or displayed on their own, this pair will be a valuable and very special addition to your collection. (0921) $425








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