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VERY RARE  MODEL 1872 DYER CARBINE CARTRIDGE POUCH –  A KEY EARLY INDIAN WARS PIECE IN VERY GOOD CONDITION:  The successor to the Model 1870 Dyer “E” Pouch, the Model 1872 Dyer Carbine Cartridge Pouch was manufactured in very limited numbers as part of the Model 1872 (Trial) Cavalry Brace System, and like the Model 1870 Dyer Pouch, is seldom encountered.  While it appears there were more of the Model 1872 Dyers produced than the 100 Model 1870 “E” Pouches, the 1872 pouches are every bit as rare, if not more so, than the sling mounted “E” pouches.  It appears that while the majority of the Dyer “E” Pouches surviving the trials were recalled by the Ordnance Department, the Model 1872 Dyers may have remained in the hands of the troops for a longer period of time – perhaps right up to the time the Model 1874 Dyers began to be issued – and therefore the Model 1872 Dyers suffered from a higher attrition resulting in its scarcity today.   

The Model 1872 Cavalry Brace System proved to be very unpopular with the soldiers, and although the shoulder straps and integral carbine sling were abandoned, the Model 1872 Cavalry Belt with its detachable sabre straps, and the Model 1872 Dyer Carbine Pouch were very well received and those concepts were retained as the foundation of the Model 1874 Sabre Belt and Model 1874 Dyer Carbine Pouch.  

The Model 1872 pouch featured over sized belt loops to permit the pouch to pass over the brass standing loops on the Model 1872 Brace System Belt, and it retained the wide gusset design of the Model 1870 Dyer Pouch which allowed the body of the pouch to expand and contract in relation to the number of cartridges in the pouch.  The front of the body of the pouch was designed with a low profile tool pouch secured with a brass button, eliminating the pistol ammo pouch that was integral to the front of the Model 1870 Dyer Pouch.  A separate pistol ammo pouch was provided with the 1872 Brace System.   

This pouch is in very good condition.  The leather is overall very smooth with a bright shiny surface and it remains very pliable.  The embossed “US” still very strong and legible on the front cover and the arsenal inspector’s stamp is visible on the point of the opening tab.   There is some of the normally light crazing across the top fold of the front cover, and the surface of the gusset is crazed, but neither area is suffering any surface loss or flaking.  There are some shallow worm tracks on the top of the fold of the front cover.  The interior of the pouch still retains some of the original white sheep’s wool lining.  All of the seams and the belt loops are intact, and this pouch presents as a very strong specimen.   

The rarity of the Model 1872 Dyer Carbine Pouches cannot be overstated.  These early Indian Wars era pouches almost never appear on the market, and seldom in this remarkable condition.  This key link in the development of the Dyer Cartridge Pouches is a very attractive specimen and one that will be a notable addition to your Indian Wars Cavalry collection.  (0118)  $2750








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