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EARLY INDIAN WAR ca. 1871 MODIFIED GAYLORD HOLSTER - ADDED WIPING ROD POCKET AND EMBOSSED “US” IN THE OVAL – VERY RARE, WELL DOCUMENTED HOLSTER:   The exact holster pictured and discussed on page 87 of US MILITARY HOLSTERS AND PISTOL CARTRIDGE BOXES by Scott Meadows, this is a particularly rare specimen of one type of modification of the US Army Civil War revolver holsters that were executed in the early 1870’s.   This particular method of modification of the Civil War holsters is believed to have been ordered under the direction of General Order No. 60 issued in June of 1872, which described the addition of a wiping rod pocket riveted to the barrel of the “present belt holsters”.   

This particular specimen was manufactured by E. Gaylord of Chicopee, Massachusetts and is so marked on the belt loop.  The wiping rod pocket is attached to the length of the holster body with two rivets.  High on the flap, above the point of attachment for the closing tab, is a large, embossed “US” in the oval, most likely applied when the wiping rod pocket was added to this holster.  There appears to be another markers cartouche, now illegible, at the edge of the flap at the 4 o’clock position immediately above a smaller “US” stamped in ˝” characters.  The style of this smaller “US” is known to have been applied to some holsters during the Civil War.

The condition of this rare holster is overall excellent, with all the seams intact, and all of the components present and intact to include the closing tab and plug.  The flap, belt loop and holster body all hold their shape and still retain the characteristics of strong, live leather.  The overall finish is excellent with only very minor crazing to some areas of the body and with a strong bright shiny finish overall.    

The similarity of the wiping rod pocket, the method of attachment and presence of the larger “US” in the oval on the flap all seem to indicate that this particular holster was modified during the same time frame as the more complicated modification that resulted in the Model 1872 Holster which included the wiping rod pocket and the application of the “US” in the oval stamp on the flap, plus the more complex addition of the Hoffman Swivel Belt Loop assembly.    

This is a rare opportunity to obtain an excellent, complete example of an important and desirable early Indian War modification of surplus Civil War equipment and this holster will be the perfect addition to display with your Colt Richard Conversion, Smith and Wesson American, or Model 1871 Remington Single Shot Army Pistol.  (0212)  $2295 



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