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WORLD WAR ONE MILLS EAGLE SNAP MEDICAL OFFICER’S BELT – COMPLETE w/ MANY OF THE RARE CONTENTS – AN EXCELLENT SPECIMEN: A rare offering, this excellent Mills Rimmed Eagle Snap Medical Officer’s Belt in like new condition and has survived the passage of time intact with the special medical equipment and supplies that were originally carried in the belt by the doctor. 

The belt proper is complete with all the eyelets and closures which still retain the original blackened finish, the eagle snaps are all present, retain their subdued finish and all function properly with no fasteners pulled loose from the woven material.  The belt shows no wear or damage and all of the edges are still crisp.  The three belt sections bear matching and fully legible Mills stamps - the rear adjustment section of the belt is ink stamped “MAR 1918” and the underside of the flaps on both large pouches are also stamped “MAR 1918”, and all three dates are accompanied by the Mills Bullet logo.  Both of the blackened belt tips still bear the legible Mills Company patent and logo stampings. 

The contents of the pockets are as follows: 

Left Front Large Pouch:  The aluminum Pill Bottle Carrier with all of the metal spring clips intact and in full form with no corrosion or misshaping.  These aluminum bottle carriers are virtually non-existent on the market today and this is one of the rare components which have remained with this belt.  The carrier has all five bakelite pill bottles, each complete with its screw on lid, and each in very good condition with no cracks or breaks.  Four of the five bottles are still legibly marked with decals indicating the contents: 1) PILULAE CATHARTICAE COMP.; 2) MISTURA GLYCYR; 3) PULV. IPECAC ET.; 4) QUININE SULPHAS 200 MGM; and 5) ACIDUM ACETYLSALICYLIC Tablets, 324 MGM.        

Left Front Small Pouch:  A Syringe Case in the original OD green felt bag, complete with the snap, and fully intact with no fading, mothing or seam separation.  The aluminum syringe case is marked “MED DEPT U.S.A.” on the hinged lid and the case is full form with no dents and the lid opens freely on the intact hinge.  The case contains the fully functional and complete syringe – marked “TAG”, one of the known manufacturers of these sets - , the two needle assemblies, and the needle cleaning wires in the tube.  The Syringe Case also contains a real rarity – all six of the glass vials.  Each vial is complete with its cork stopper and each retains the original paper label.   This Syringe Case is a particularly nice example in excellent condition.  

Model 1910 Diagnostic Tag Pouch:  Mounted on the lower edge of the belt below the belt’s Right Front Small Pouch, this Model 1910 Diagnostic Tag Booklet Pouch matches the same excellent condition as the belt.  The snaps retain their original blackened finish and are fully functional with no wear or tearing.  The inside of the pouch flap is ink stamped “AUG 1918” with the Mills in the Bullet logo.

The pouch contains the original diagnostic tag booklet.  This pad appears to have all of the Duplicate Diagnostic Forms present - one of which was intended to be left with each wounded soldier to detail his wounds and the treatment he had received to that point.  The pad is in full form, but the front cover has separated from the booklet at the edge of the black binding tape.  The booklet still displays nicely as is, but the front cover could be reattached with fresh binding tape if the new owner so desires.  Both the front and back covers are otherwise fully intact, and they show the typical scuffing from being carried in the pouch.  The diagnostic forms are in excellent condition, fully legible and show no damage.  These pads are quite rare today and a pad in any condition is hard to find, and this pad is a very respectable example and a very necessary component to complete the belt.   

Right Front Large Pouch:  A canvas Medical Officers Instrument Belt Case, complete with the field surgical instruments, one packet of silver wire sutures, and one packet of surgeon’s suturing needles.  The pouch is in excellent condition with all seams intact, no wear or damage, and both snaps intact and functional.  All of the instruments are present and have survived in excellent condition, showing only minimal signs of use. 

Right Front Small Pouch:  A glass bottle with a nickeled screw top which still retains the cork washer.   

This Medical Officer’s Belt is in excellent condition – truly a special specimen, complete with the correct and necessary medical equipment and supplies, including several of the rarest and very difficult pieces to find.  To find such a belt of this quality with the contents intact is becoming increasingly difficult and this specimen is one worthy of adding to most collections.  This is the quality of belt that normally moves quietly from one collection to the next with never seeing the light of day. (1001) $2150



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