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MODEL 1872 CAVALRY SABRE BELT FOR THE 1872 TRIAL BRACE SYSTEM – VERY NICE BELT COMPLETE WITH BOTH SABER STRAPS:  Originally designed as part of the 1872 Trial Brace System, this Model 1872 Cavalry Sabre Belt is probably the scarcest of the Indian War Cavalry belts, and the most difficult to find in decent condition due to the relatively low production and long use on the frontier.  While the shoulder straps of the brace system were quickly abandoned by the troops in the field and eventually deleted from the equipment inventory after the brief 1872 Trials, the sabre belts continued to be issued by the frugal army and used into the 1880’s.   

This Model 1872 Cavalry Belt is complete with the two leather sections that connect the belt plate and catch to the front brass standing loops to which the front of the brace system attached.  These belts were made in two sizes, marked on the front leather keepers “1” and “2” respectively.  This belt is marked “1” on the left hand keeper.  The brass catch is stamped with an assembly number “354”, evidence that any available parts available in the stores of Civil War surplus were utilized well into the Indian War period.   The balance of the belts fittings:  the brass squares and dismounted hook; the two rear brass standing loops to which the rear brace system straps attached; and the two sliding leather keepers, are all present and intact.  The belt is full length and there are no tears or weak points.  The leather surface is in overall very good condition, with minor crazing in the areas subjected to the chafing by the various fittings.  Completing the belt, and certainly the most difficult component of these saber belts to locate, are both of the leather saber straps, the front, shorter strap and the longer rear strap.  The straps are a matched pair, full length, very solid and both have nice clear finishes to the leather surfaces.   

The Model 1872 Cavalry Belt is very difficult to find in this condition and even more so to find one complete with the sabre straps, and this belt is usually missing from all but the most advanced accoutrement collections.  This is a very solid specimen and the perfect belt to display with your Richard’s Conversion Colt and Smith and Wesson American revolvers, the Model 1871 Remington Army Pistol, or any of the 1871 Trial Cavalry Carbines.  $1850.00


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