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MODEL 1896 CARBINE SCABBARD FOR THE SPRINGFIELD KRAG CARBINE – COMPLETE WITH STRAPS – VERY GOOD CONDITION:  The Model 1887 Carbine Boot was initially issued with the Model 1896 Krag Carbine, but it was determined that the carbine did not properly fit in this smaller boot due to interference with the rear sight slide.  In 1896, the army initiated a trial for various new patterns of carbine scabbards, and by December of that year this Model or Pattern 1896 Carbine Scabbard was being produced at the Rock Island Arsenal. 

These early Krag Carbine Scabbards are relatively scarce almost to the point of being rare.  They were developed on the eve of the Spanish American War and much of Rock Island Arsenal’s production of the new scabbard was subjected to, and consumed by, the tropical climates of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippine Islands, leaving relatively few to pass into the surplus market and eventually into collections.  Adding to the scarcity of these Model 1896 Scabbards is the relatively short period of production - less than four years, before being replaced in 1902 by a redesigned scabbard produced in russet leather and featuring a brass throat plate as was used on the Model 1887 Carbine Boot (see the M1902 Scabbard via this link).   

This scabbard survived in remarkable condition with a bright generally smooth surface to the leather, showing only minor effects of use or wear in spite of obvious evidence of being issued.  The seam is complete and intact.  The scabbard is complete with both of the original straps which are in excellent condition with no weak points, and retaining the standing and sliding loops.   

This is a very respectable example of a relatively scarce scabbard which is missing from most Spanish American War or Krag collections, and it is one which will display very well with your Krag Carbine.  SOLD



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