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MILLS .45 CALIBER LOOPED PISTOL CARTRIDGE BELT A RARE BELT: While Mills must have made these .45 calibre Looped Pistol Cartridge Belts in some quantity, both for sale to the military and to civilian customers, today they are one of the rarest of the Mills Woven Looped Cartridge Belts.  Certainly far less common than the Mills .38 caliber pistol cartridge belts, these .45 caliber belts come to light at an estimated  rate of one .45 caliber belt for probably every 100 .38 caliber belts, perhaps less frequently than that.   

The belt itself is woven in what Mills identified as "stone" color a shade of tan.  The belt features the integrally woven loops for the .45 Long Colt rounds, intended for use with the Model 1873 Colt and of course would also have been equally appropriate for carrying the later shortened "Light Artillery" Model Colt or any of the other .45 caliber pistols available at the time. 

While some .45 caliber woven pistol belts were obviously made for use by the military, featuring sets of grommets for attaching the wire holster and sabre hangers, others, such as this specimen, have no grommets at all, suggesting this belt was intended for use by NCOs who were issued a pistol, for such units as the Light Artillery Batteries who would have been issued the .45 Colt Pistols, or it was intended for sale on the commercial civilian market.   

The belt is full length with all 45 cartridge loops present and intact, and the russet colored oil cloth binding on the belt tips is present and intact on both ends.  None of the cartridge loops are frayed or worn and the belt is overall very clean and free of any soiling.  

The belt is fitted with the original C closure and both sheet brass keepers for adjusting the belt.  The left end of the body of the belt bears the remnants of the ink stamped Mills maker stamp.  These stamps were relatively light and more often than not, do not survive at all.  In the case of this stamping, knowing where it should be and what it is supposed to look like makes it a little easier to discern. 

This is indeed a rare Mills belt which would display well with any number of US Army Holsters or any civilian holster intended to carry a pistol chambered for the .45 Colt cartridges.  (0201)  $950



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