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MODEL 1910 MOUNTED CARTRIDGE BELT-RIMLESS EAGLE SNAP – AN EXCELLENT SPECIMEN OF A RARE BELT COMPLETE WITH ALL FOUR REVOLVER CARTRIDGE POUCHES – ID’d 10TH CAVALRY:  As with so many other rare pieces of the early 20th Century Mills equipment, it is a real pleasure to be able to offer this excellent specimen of the rare Model 1910 Mounted Cartridge Belt, as issued to the US Army Cavalry troopers during the Mexican Punitive Expedition into Mexico in 1916.  Further enhancing the value of this belt is the unit applied stencil on the inside of the rear adjustment strap identifying this belt as having been issued to the historic 10Th US Cavalry.

As originally designed with two revolver ammunition pockets on each side of the front closure, this belt was intended to be issued with the Model 1909 Colt Revolver.  However, as noted in so many other instances through the history of the Ordnance Department’s efforts to coordinate the development and issue of new weapons and the related accoutrements, technological developments outstripped the design and intended use of this belt, and by the time the belt was issued for use in the field most of the mounted soldiers had been issued the Model 1911 Automatic Colt Pistol.  The M1911 Pistol, which required the two pocket magazine pouch to carry additional ammunition, rendered the four revolver ammunition pockets on this belt obsolete, and as a result most of the Model 1910 Mounted Belts that survive in collections today have had one or both sets of the revolver cartridge pouches removed to make room to carry the M1911 Magazine Pouch.   

This belt is in excellent condition given the evidence of having been issued to a regular army regiment that saw so much service in the field.  All of the rimless eagle snaps are intact with no tearing or wear around the snaps, all of the snaps function properly, all of the clip retaining straps are present and intact in each of the rifle cartridge pockets, and all of the grommets are intact with none having pulled through the webbing.  The metal fittings and eagle snap buttons retain their original darkened finish.  The two revolver ammunition pockets on both sides of the belt front are completely intact and are original to this belt.  Both of the belt’s metal end pieces bear the Mills Company logo and patent information and both of the belt ends still retain the visible Mills Company ink stamped bullet logo on the interior surface of the webbing. As is correct, the left hand section of the belt features the unique oval eyelets along the bottom edge of the belt, each eyelet large enough to accommodate the hanger wires of two items such as the tool carriers or first aid pouch.  There are is no sign of wear, fraying, fading, tearing or other damage on this belt, with all of the flaps and pockets in excellent condition, and a nice even green hue to the webbing throughout.   

Introduced in the early years of the 20th Century, these belts were exposed to extensive service to include the Punitive Expedition into Mexico and World War One, with most having been subjected to the modifications described above.  It is any but common to find these Model 1910 Mounted Cartridge Belts surviving today in their original configuration with all four revolver cartridge pouches intact, and even fewer are in such fine condition as this specimen.  Rare pieces such as this belt normally move very quietly from one collection to another in private sales and it is a real pleasure to be able to offer this belt for your consideration.  SOLD



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