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MODEL 1912 MILLS CAVALRY BANDOLIER w/ RIMMED EAGLE SNAPS – DATED 1916 – UNIT ID’d – EXCELLENT CONDITION:  This is an outstanding specimen of the relatively rare Mills Model 1912 Cavalry Cartridge Bandolier with Rimmed Eagle Snaps.  In its original configuration, with no modifications, this bandolier has survived in excellent condition, in spite of the obvious evidence of its issue to a trooper in a cavalry regiment.   

This bandolier is stenciled on the reverse of the revolver ammunition pockets with unit applied inventory markings – “303” over crossed sabres and the troop letter “E” and the soldier number “78”.    

This Model 1912 Bandolier is full length and in full form, with the proper curved body, and the full length web billet on one end and the proper frame friction buckle on the other.  All of the rifle cartridge pockets are present, as are the three revolver ammunition pockets in the center of the bandolier, and all of the pocket flaps are present.  The web material has an even green color and is clean overall with only very minor points of soiling.  All of the rimmed eagle snaps are intact, function properly, and there is no sign of the tearing that is common to find around these snaps, nor is there any wear or fraying to the edges of the pockets or flaps. The original darkened finish is present on all the metal fittings.  The darkened brass billet strap is stamped on both sides with all of the appropriate Mills Patent information and dates, and the inside of the far left cartridge pocket flap is brightly  ink stamped “NOV”, “1916” and “MILLS” inside the company’s bullet logo.    

Introduced in the early years of the 20th Century, these bandoliers were exposed to extensive service to include the Mexican Punitive Expedition and World War One, and through the years they are known to have been modified by removing the revolver ammunition pockets to allow the soldier to attach the Model 1911 Magazine Pouch.  Generally regarded as rare in any condition on the modern collector market, that this particular bandolier was obviously issued and survived service with a cavalry regiment, and survived intact, without modification, and in such fine condition, is nothing short of remarkable.  (0601) $1250



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