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ca. 1892 MILLS .38 CALIBER REVOLVER CAVALRY CARTRIDGE BELT SET – COMPLETE  w/ THE SCARCE MILLS “US” REVOLVER BELT PLATE, A MILLS WIRE HOLSTER HANGER, TWO MILLS WIRE SABRE STRAP HANGERS AND A PAIR OF SABRE STRAPS – EXCELLENT SPECIMEN:  This is an excellent Mills Cavalry Pistol Cartridge Belt set from the Spanish American War era, ready to display with your Model 1892 Colt Revolver.  This belt pattern is well documented in Dorsey’s American Military and Naval Belts 1812-1902, on pages 315-317. 

The Mills Revolver Cartridge Belt is full length, and has all forty-five .38 caliber cartridge loops present, all in excellent condition with no wear or fraying.  The belt is fitted with the scarce Mills “US” Revolver Cartridge Belt Plate, complete with the proper catch and the plate tongue is stamped with the correct Mills patent information.  The plate is full form with no damage or loss of finish and has not been polished, having a nice even patina.   

The belt webbing retains a nice even dark blue color with no color loss or fading.  As described in Dorsey’s well received work on the subject, the body of the belt is fitted with the proper series of 12 brass grommets for mounting the equipment hanger wires, with all the grommets still firmly mounted and intact.   

The belt is fitted with the very rare Mills Holster Wire Hanger on the right side and with two of the Mills Sabre Strap Wire Hangers on the left side, complete with both leather sabre straps – each fitted with a functional brass snap swivel.  These wire hangers, in particular the holster hanger wire, have all but disappeared from the collector’s market and are very rare pieces in their own right.  All three wire hangers are in excellent condition, hold their proper shape and the hooks are full length.   

The black leather sabre straps are full length and both are complete with the brass closure buttons – 2 on each strap.  The leather surfaces retain a nice smooth shiny surface with no crazing, only some minor flexing, and no weak points.   

These Mills Revolver Cartridge Belts are not found as common as the rifle and carbine cartridge belts and even less so when found complete with the proper plate, catch and the proper equipment hanger wires and sabre straps in place.  This is a particularly nice set that will be a fine addition to your Spanish American War collection displayed with one of the early .38 revolvers that are now growing in popularity. (0205)  $995



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