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ALLEGHENY ARSENAL BLACK BRIDLE LEATHER ENLISTED SABRE KNOT – EXTREMELY RARE ARSENAL MARKED PIECE, POSSIBLY ONLY SPECIMEN KNOWN TO SURVIVE:  This Civil War era Black Bridle Leather Enlisted Man’s Sabre Knot was manufactured at the famous Allegheny Arsenal, identified by the plainly legible stamp on the wrist strap.  The style and format of the stamping matches known examples applied by Allegheny Arsenal to other items they produced.  I suspect this was a pre-War or early War production and quite possibly an item that the Arsenal discontinued making as other more critical items commanded their attention and civilian manufacturers began to produce sets of cavalry equipment and accoutrements under contract, including the Enlisted Man’s Sabre Knots.  When I found this knot I surveyed a number of senior accoutrement collectors and dealers and I was unable to find anyone who had ever seen an Allegheny Arsenal marked sword knot, making this specimen indeed a rare survivor of the Civil War.  An excellent example of the standard issue knot, it measures 18 ½ ” long and 1” wide, the leather is soft and supple with no damage to the strap and all of the tassels are intact, as is the sliding leather keeper.  The leather surfaces of the strap, keeper and knot have a smooth, shiny surface with no crazing or flaking, and while a few of the tassels are crazed, none are broken or missing.    Decent, complete bridle leather sabre knots have become increasingly difficult to find on the market, so the condition of this offering is notable in its own right.  However, coupled with the rarity of an Allegheny Arsenal marking, this knot is not only an exceptional find, it may well be a unique specimen.  (C44) $1000



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