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LEATHER .30 CALIBER DOUBLE LOOP RIFLE CARTRIDGE BELT - AS FAVORED BY THE TEXAS RANGERS – EXCELLENT SPECIMEN WITH WELL KNOWN MAKER’S STAMP:  This is a very well made Double Looped Rifle Cartridge belt, manufactured by the George Lawrence Company, a large saddle and gun leather manufacturer in Portland, Oregon which dates back to 1857.  The classic style of this belt, featuring the double cartridge loops for the longer .30 caliber rifle cartridges which became popular at the end of the 19TH Century, is so closely associated through period photography as having been frequently used by law enforcement officers such as the Texas Rangers, that in some modern collector circles these are commonly referred to as “Ranger Belts”.   

Designed to carry the .30 caliber bottle necked cartridges of the period such as the .30-40 Krag, the .30-03 or .30-06  Springfield, and the .30-30 Winchester, the upper loop of each set of loops accommodates the diameter of the body of the cartridge and the lower loop is sized to accommodate the diameter of the bullet.  Similar to the belts used by the commercial buffalo hunters decades before to carry their long cased, large caliber cartridges, with the introduction of rifles such as the Winchester Model 1894 in .30-30, and the Model 1895 in .30-40 and .30-03/06, this cartridge loop arrangement was necessary to keep these longer modern cartridges secure in the loops.    

The George Lawrence Company was established in Portland in 1857 and continued as a major manufactory of leather goods through 1985.  An interesting history of the company as well as a chronology of their various maker stamps can be found via this web page:  According to the company’s history, the maker’s stamp on this belt dates from the 1930s to 1940’s.  While produced at the end of the classic cartridge belt era, the design and style of this belt is consistent with those worn during the late 19TH and early 20TH Century, and it was made by a company that was in business during those earlier times.   

The body of the belt measures 40 ¼” long and 2 ¾” wide, with an additional 2 ½” of the billet extending beyond the end of the belt body.  The belt features 33, .30 caliber double cartridge loops, all full form and intact, with no wear to the top or bottom edges, no tearing, and no weak points.  The loops are fixed to the body of the belt by lacing the cartridge retention straps through slots in the body of the belt and the loop straps are secured at each end with a single iron rivet.  Most of the loops show evidence of having carried a cartridge, and as seen in the photographs below, they will still accept the .30 caliber cartridges.  The rest of the loops were never used, and as a result were never stretched to size, still being slightly undersized as they were originally made to allow for the eventual stretching without being so loose as to lose a cartridge.  The George Lawrence Company maker’s stamp is very legible.   

This cartridge belt combines the desirable features of being made to carry the .30 caliber rifle calibers, it is well made with attention to detail and was definitely of a higher quality of the era, and finally, it shows enough age and evidence of use to indicate that it was worn regularly during the period by a man who had a need for substantial amount of ammunition, while at the same time having survived in very good condition and still retaining a pleasant appearance with all the components intact.  The condition of the leather is very supple with no hard spots, tears or weak points.  The billet and the buckle chape are fully intact and securely sewn to the body, and the original brass frame buckle is present and in full form.    

Leather cartridge belts of this era which were made specifically to carry the longer rifle cartridges in the double loop configuration are anything but common.  Given the historical association these belts have with late 19TH and early 20TH Century law enforcement units such as the Texas Rangers, they are so much in demand by modern collectors that they simply do not appear on the market very often.  This belt will be a great addition to display with a Model 1895 Winchester and any number of other rifles of the period.  (0425)  $725

NOTE:  The cartridges inserted in the loops of the belt as shown below in the photographs are for the purposes of photography only, and are not included in the sale of this belt. 


UPPER LEFT:      Texas Ranger Manuel Trazazas “Lone Wolf” Gonzaullas                UPPER RIGHT:   Texas Ranger Captain Roy W Aldrich HQ Quartermaster           LOWER LEFT:    Texas Ranger, No identification provided                                    LOWER RIGHT:  Texas Ranger Bert Clinton Veale, Co. D, Pharr, Texas 1917



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