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MILLS MODEL 1910 TWO POCKET CAVALRY .45 CALIBER REVOLVER CARTRIDGE & SABRE BELT – COMPLETE WITH MATCHING MILLS SABRE HANGER - RARE EAGLE SNAP BELT IN EXCELLENT CONDITION:  This is an outstanding example of the US Army Model 1910 Mills 2 Pocket Pistol Belt with the Rimless Eagle Snaps, and it is complete with the matching Mills Sabre Hanger.  This belt was one of those of the period which was intended to be mated with the Model 1909 .45 Colt Revolver.  A relatively rare accoutrement from the early days of the 20th Century, this style of web gear pre-dates World War One and is associated with the Mexican Punitive Expedition in 1916.   

Considerably rarer than the four pocket M1910 Mills Pistol Belt, this pattern features two pockets situated on the front of the belt - one on each side of the “T” closure.  Each pocket has an integral woven partition separating the ammunition, with each pocket holding a total of ten rounds.  While not all of these belts were so equipped, this specimen is particularly nice in that it is fitted with the metal sabre ring on the left side of the belt, indicating this belt was intended for issue to cavalry troops, as well as other mounted soldiers, and was also likely purchased by officers for their personal use.   

The body of the belt is properly unmarked and the brass fittings on each end of the belt are stamped “PAT APR 18 ’05 – JAN 29 ’01 – MAY 21 ‘07” and “MADE BY MILLS WOVEN CARTRIDGE BELT CO WORCHESTER MASS USA”.    

The pouches are intact and the puckered bottoms of the pouches show no wear.  The flaps are likewise in excellent condition and show none of the wear commonly seen on the edges and upper corners of the flaps where they characteristically wore against the rim of the cartridges.  Both of the rimless eagle snaps are solidly attached and show no signs of the tearing that is common to find around these snaps.  The metal fittings all retain most, if not all, of the original blued finish which was often worn away with even minimal use. 

Completing the belt is the quite scarce and very nice Mills Woven Detachable Sabre Hanger.  The hanger is complete with all the fittings, the straps are full length showing no signs of wear, and both sabre snaps have the functional locking rings.  The long sabre strap is marked with a legible “MILLS” cartridge logo ink stamp and both of the length adjustment slides are stamped front and back with the Mills Company patent information.   

All of the web components, to include the belt body, sabre hanger and the sword chape, are clean, with a bright green color showing no sign of fading.   

This is a beautiful specimen of a very rare belt which presents in virtually “like new” condition and could never be upgraded.   (0909)  $1575 



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