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MODEL 1881 LANZ, OWEN AND COMPANY HOLSTER FOR THE SINGLE ACTION COLT AND SMITH AND WESSON SCHOFIELD PISTOLS – EXCELLENT ALMOST “LIKE NEW” SPECIMEN:  A beautiful specimen with a bright, smooth sheen to the leather, this Model 1881 Holster is one of 3,010 holsters of this type manufactured in 1898 and 1899 by Lanz, Owen and Company.  In response to the need for additional equipment at the start of the Spanish American War, the Ordnance Department awarded a contract to Lanz, Owen and Company, the only civilian leather goods manufacturer to receive a government contract for holsters – and incidentally, saddlebags - during this period.   

The condition of this holster is quite nice, with a smooth even sheen to the flap, body, and belt loop.  All of the stitching is intact and the plug at the bottom of the holster is present and intact.  The “US” in the oval on the face of the holster is very strong and legible, and the maker’s stamp is very legible on the belt loop.  The inspector’s initials are present and legible on the tip of the flap struck below the finial holes.   

This is a very fine example, probably the best I’ve seen in years.  A relatively scarce holster that was produced in very limited numbers, this would be the perfect holster to display with a Spanish American War cartridge belt or to add to a collection of Spanish American War artifacts.  (0214)  $975




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