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WORLD WAR ONE MILLS 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN CARTRIDGE BELT –VERY GOOD CONDITION:  One of the special purpose Mills Belt, this “stone” or tan Mills Woven Looped Cartridge Belt incorporates features which suggest it was manufactured for, and issued to, U.S. military forces during World War One.  This is a very special belt to display with the classic “Trench” Shotguns issued to our troops in France.   

Of particular note, two sets of four brass grommets – each set positioned so as to fall over each hip when the belt is worn – are mounted on the lower edge of the belt and spaced so as to accept the wire hangers found on necessary accoutrements such as a Model 1911 Holster, the Model 1917 Bayonet and Scabbard which was issued with the Trench Shotguns, canteen, and field dressing pouch.  A Mills commercial shotshell belt would not have incorporated these sets of grommets positioned the way they are on this belt.     

This belt is complete with both brass captive ends, and the standard interlocking “T” closure, and all 32 cartridge loops are full form and intact.  Having survived the years in very good condition, the weave is complete throughout with only minor localized wear points to the body where the captive end adjustment hooks fit over the edge of the belt, and some very minor wear to some scattered points on the edges of the cartridge loops.   

The brass captive ends of the belt are both stamped with the Mills Company “Bullet” logo, patent information and company address.  The inside of the left end of the belt body is legibly ink stamped with the Mills “Bullet” logo and the manufacture date of “July 1917”.     

This is a very good specimen in particularly nice condition, and it would display very well in your World War One collection.  (0141) $295  



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