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ca. 1905 U.S. NAVY MILLS WOVEN BELT COMPANY WEB HOLSTER FOR THE U.S. NAVY REVOLVERS SCARCE HOLSTER IN VERY GOOD CONDITION:  These US Navy Mills Woven Holsters were manufactured, and issued by the Navy in both dark blue and in this khaki color.  Adopted by the Navy as their standard holster for their .38 caliber revolvers, these holsters were worn on the matching woven eight pocket cartridge belts.  Both the holsters and the belt cartridge pockets were secured with snaps which bear the U.S. Navy insignia featuring a spread winged eagle perched on a horizontal anchor, surrounded by thirteen stars.   

While it is unknown how many of these Mills holsters were produced, it is known that they were introduced in 1905 and by 1911 they were replaced with holsters appropriate for the newly adopted Model 1911 Automatic Colt Pistol.  As they were used for such a short period, and the Navy purchased smaller numbers than the Army was given to do, limiting the issues of the holsters and belts in the Navy to officers, and to enlisted men only for specific duty assignments aboard ship or on limited shore party assignments, these US Navy Mills Holsters are fairly scarce on the market.   

This holster is in very good, solid condition.  While showing signs of issue and use, the webbing has no fraying and is overall very clean with only minor isolated spots of soiling.  All of the metal fittings are present and intact and the snap closure functions properly.    

Overall, given the scarcity of these Mills US Navy Holsters, this is an excellent example which would be difficult to upgrade.  (0128)  $750








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