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FRANKFORD ARSENAL .45 CALIBER AMMUNITION PACKET FOR THE MODEL 1873 COLT ARMY AND THE MODEL 1875 SCHOFIELD SMITH AND WESSON REVOLVERS DATED 1875 - AN EXCELLENT UNOPENED SCARCE PACKET:  Dated 1875, this Frankford Arsenal packet of the shortened .45 caliber pistol ammunition intended for use in both the Colt Model 1873 and Smith & Wesson Model 1875 Schofield Revolvers was manufactured in the first year of the production of this cartridge.  This packet contains the shorter internally primed cartridge, reduced in length from the original longer .45 pistol cartridge that had been introduced with the Model 1873 Colt Army, in order to accommodate the shorter cylinder of the .45 caliber Schofield.  The shortened cartridge, which would function in both pistols, simplified the manufacture, supply and issue requirements of the frontier army.   

This packet is in excellent condition, still sealed and with the pull string still intact.  The label is complete and fully legible.  Note that the wrapper was originally positioned low on the face of the packet, so the lower border of the label is on the bottom panel of the packet, but the entire label is present and legible this was simply a function of the way in which the packet was originally wrapped.  The edges of the packet are sharp, all of the seams are intact, and the packet is very solid.     

Issued during the height of the Indian Wars on the Northern Plains, and across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, these packets replaced the supplies of longer pistol cartridges then in inventory.  As the campaigns and contact with the hostiles increased, so did the demand for ammunition from the field, resulting in a low survival rate of these early 1875 dated packets.  As difficult to find as the 1874 dated packets for the Colt Pistol, this packet will be an important addition to your Indian War display or an ammunition or revolver collection, as an example of the development of ammunition for the Frontier Army.   (0509) $750





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