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FRANKFORD ARSENAL 44 CALIBER INTERNALLY BENET PRIMED AMMUNITION PACKET FOR THE COLT & REMINGTON CONVERSION REVOLVERS – DATED JANUARY 1873 – AN EXCELLENT EARLY PACKET:  Manufactured at the Frankford Arsenal in January of 1873, this 12 round box of .44 caliber Internally Benet primed ammunition was produced for the Colt Richards Conversion revolvers and the Remington Conversion revolvers in use by the army between 1871 and 1873.  As these converted pistols were in use for a relatively brief period, these early Indian War packets are fairly rare and are not regularly available on the collector’s market.    

Loaded using the Benet priming system, the internally primed cartridge which succeeded the earlier “Martin Primed” cartridges, these particular packets were quickly eclipsed by the introduction of the Model 1873 Colt Single Action, and the resulting .45 caliber pistol ammunition.  The brief period between the use of the Martin primed cartridges and the introduction of the .45 caliber ammunition contributed significantly to the rarity of these 1873 dated .44 caliber packets on today’s collector market.     

This packet is in excellent condition, still sealed and with the pull string still intact.  The label is complete and fully legible, the edges are sharp, all of the seams are intact, and the packet is very solid.   The packet is not fragile, is very tight, retains the proper form and shape, and the paper wrapper is in excellent condition.  

This is a rare opportunity to acquire one of these early packets in this condition.  Whether you own a Colt or Remington conversion revolver at this time or not, this .44 Caliber pistol cartridge packet from the early Indian Wars period is a key Frankford Arsenal specimen to add to your collection, and certainly one that you’ll never regret owning.  Finding another in this condition will be a tall order if you pick up a Richards or Remington conversion in the future, so give this one some serious thought before you let it slip away.  (0506)  $950



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