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UNION METALLIC CARTRIDGE COMPANY GREEN LABEL BOXES OF .40 -2  INCH CALIBER SHARPS RIFLE CARTRIDGES 10 ROUND BOXES IN VERY GOOD CONDITION:  Also known as the .40 - 70 Sharps Straight as introduced by Sharps in March of 1876, these are very collectable .40-2  caliber Sharps Rifle ammunition cartridge boxes, bearing the desirable Union Metallic Cartridge Company green label.    

These are very nice specimens bearing the desirable Sharps Rifle reference on the label, which do not appear on the collector market very often, and they will make a nice addition to display with your rifle. 

I currently have the boxes listed below for sale.  Each box is individually described and priced below with accompanying photographs. 


NO. 1   UMC GREEN LABEL BOX OF .40 -2  INCH CALIBER SHARPS RIFLE CARTRIDGES 10 ROUND BOX IN VERY GOOD CONDITION:  The box is in very good condition with a full, legible cover label as can be seen in the photographs below.  The box is full form, and while it has been opened, it shows very little evidence of the normal wear and tear to which these early boxes were subjected.  The end label has been cut to facilitate opening the box, but it is still legible with 98% of the graphics present.  The label on the bottom of the box is complete and legible.  The seams of both the lid and the body are intact and the box holds its full form. 

All ten of the original cartridges in the box - full, complete loads, holding the classic 330 grain paper patched bullets, and all bearing the UMC headstamp.  The original wrapping paper is present in between the cartridges.   (0220)  $675




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