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WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS COMPANY 45-100-2 7/8” FIVE ROUND BOX – MADE “EXPRESSLY FOR SHARP’S RIFLE” – VERY SCARCE TAN LABELED BOX:  Produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, this very scarce early production .45-100-2 7/8” five round box bears the tan label featuring the “Expressly for Sharp’s Rifle” call out on the label.   

As pointed out in Giles and Shuey’s Winchester Cartridge Boxes, 1856-1956, while early Sharp’s Company featured tan labels, the tan label was unusual for Winchester, and the five round box pre-dates, and is scarcer than, the ten round packet – combining to make this a very special offering.  This tan labeled five round box was produced in the mid-to late 1870’s and was eventually replaced by a ten round box with a green label. 

This two piece box includes three of the original five paper patched bullet cartridges.  The three cartridges have no headstamps which is considered correct for this packaging.  The label has survived in excellent condition and is fully legible.  The box is solid with no open seams and the box retains its shape with sharp edges, and no disfiguring or crushing.  One end panel is darker than the other surfaces, but it is original to the box.  The darker color is due to exposure or soiling, probably the way it was stored or handled through the years.   

This is a very scarce offering of a very desirable Winchester loading expressly produced for the Sharps Rifles in use out west on the buffalo range.  (1108)  $1150



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